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Famous Authors Have Been Featured As Room Decor at the Sylvia Beach Hotel

Opening in 1987, the Sylvia Beach Hotel is named after a popular author. Since then, the hotel has operated as a readers’ hotel, without televisions or WiFi access. Instead, it offers quiet hours for reading and puzzle making, along with a full library. In keeping with the theme of reading, every room is furnished with items inspired by the famous author that has written it.


The literary retreat of the Sylvia Beach Hotel is a no-tech oasis. You’ll find books and journals in every nook and cranny of the rooms. These rooms aren’t huge but they are full of literary spirit. They were named after the expatriate American Sylvia Beach, who made her name in the Paris literary scene between WWI and WWII.


The Sylvia Beach Hotel is a literary retreat that serves no Wi-Fi. The hotel is not known for its WiFi but guests are encouraged to bring a book to read while they enjoy the sunset or sea view. And if you’re looking for an icebreaker, the hotel’s cat lives on-site. She will visit you in your room and even cuddle with you! Guests are also invited to share a communal fridge, which holds wine and bring their own food.


The Sylvia Beach Hotel is located on the beach at Nye Beach in Newport, Oregon. The 21-room inn is perfect for a book. The Pacific Ocean is just outside the front door. Guests are often surrounded by lively conversation. Many guests like to read and have puzzles as room decor. You can even enjoy an afternoon of surfing. In addition to its great location, the hotel is also known for its art collections and literary connections.

Famous Authors

The literary-themed Sylvia Beach Hotel is in Newport, Oregon, a scenic two-hour drive north of Portland. Room decor features famous authors such as Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson, Oscar Wilde, and J.K. Rowling. Famous Authors are included in each room’s theme, which is an excellent way to get inspired by their work. Whether you’re a fan of history or literature, you’ll be delighted to stay at this literary getaway.

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