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Driftwood Finish Furniture Goes With Many Styles Besides Coastal

Driftwood finish furniture can be a great addition to any room, and there are a lot of ways to incorporate it into your decor. If you have a worn-out finish on a chandelier, you can use sea glass or wood pendant lights to accent your coastal decor. You can also opt for an old-fashioned chandelier with a weathered driftwood finish. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Adirondack chair

If you’re looking for a new Adirondack chair, consider one with a driftwood finish. This sturdy plastic piece is designed to dry quickly after rain. Besides its driftwood finish, this piece has a clamshell back and slatted style. There are many advantages to this type of wood, but not all of them are applicable to the driftwood finish of this particular chair.

Refinishing your Adirondack chair is easy – simply give it a good cleaning every few years. A pressure washer will make this process a breeze, but a good wood cleaner will also work. After cleaning, dry the wood thoroughly before applying the new finish. Once dry, you can start enjoying your new Adirondack chair! If you have a teak or shorea Adirondack chair, it will weather to a silver-gray finish.


A chandelier with a driftwood finish is a great way to add coastal charm to your home. Although driftwood is usually associated with coastal decor, it’s not limited to this style. The natural color is also appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. Chandeliers made of driftwood can serve as a beautiful centerpiece for your dining room or fireplace mantel. To create one, all you need is a large piece of driftwood, a drill, candles, and small succulents. Then, simply hang the chandelier with rope.

Another way to add coastal style is to make a driftwood towel rack. To create a driftwood towel rack, find a large piece of driftwood, drill and screw it, then finish it with lacquer. Add hooks and you have a unique piece of art! If you’re into the coastal decor, you can also use intricate shapes of driftwood as a necklace hanger. You can make one of these yourself, and it’s easy to decorate it in any way you want!

Chandelier with worn-away finish

A Chandelier with a driftwood finish will match any nautical-inspired decor, especially if it is a beach-style chandelier. A coastal-style chandelier can also be a great choice for a modern beach house. These shells, which are typically found in shallow water, are translucent and give light plenty of room to shine through. They are durable and can be used for many years.

Coastal decor is usually simple and understated, but there are many ways to mix and match the various components of a coastal style. Coastal furniture tends to be simple and slip-covered. Other traditional pieces should be simple with clean lines and sleek silhouettes. Coastal fabrics are also a great choice, though Schuster advises against prints of fish, marine life, or paisley.

large coastal rugs

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