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Does Anyone Own the Desert Maze Bolster From Lonestar Western Decor?

Do you own the Desert Maze Bolster from lone star western decor? If so, what are your thoughts? What are other items available from Lonestar? And what is the price of the LoneStar decor? Keep reading to find out. You’ll be surprised by what you’ll learn! Is it worth it? And, of course, we’ll cover other aspects of lone star western decor, such as price.


The Desert Maze Bolster accentuates your southwestern bedroom with its elegant geometric embroidery and chocolate faux leather. This item ships directly from the manufacturer and cannot be express shipped. The price listed is for a full-sized comforter. Shipping time is approximately one to two weeks. Please note that this item ships from the manufacturer. If you want it express shipped, you will need to place your order a week or more in advance.

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