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Different Types of Horsehide Holsters

When it comes to holsters, there are many types of horsehide available. Some of these types are Sharkskin, Cordovan, Hard-rolled, and Wet-blocked. Learn more about these different types of horsehide. Read on to learn the advantages of each type and how they differ from cowhide. You might even find your new favorite holster!

Cordovan horse hides

The high price of Cordovan leather is due to its limited supply and high demand. This type of leather is obtained from horse hides that have been harvested from specific regions in Europe and Canada. The horse hides are tanned by hand and require up to six months to complete. During the process, they are de-haired and cleaned. After being processed, the hides are stored in salt.


A Sharkskin horse hide holster is designed for professionals who carry firearms on a regular basis. Unlike traditional holsters, Sharkskin is extremely strong and can withstand extreme wear and tear. It is also available with a neutral cant, muzzle to rear 10 degrees, or muzzle to forward 10 degrees. Several colors are available for a Sharkskin holster, including black, mahogany, and natural tan.

Hard-rolled horsehide

Horsehide is a very popular material for pocket holsters. It’s soft and attractive, and some manufacturers specialize in it. It also resists moisture better than cowhide, and the fibers are compressed. It also results in a marbled appearance, which is similar to a grain pattern. This is a good thing since horsehide is a bit more expensive than cowhide.

Wet-blocked holsters

Generally speaking, a wet-blocked holster is a superior quality holster. But the price you pay should be justified by the quality of the material. Cowhide is a high-quality material with superior performance and durability. However, some manufacturers use horsehide as a substitute. The problem is that many cowhide holsters are ugly and do not fit the gun properly.


If you want to maximize your holster’s durability and concealment, consider purchasing a cowhide holster. Horsehide holsters are more durable than cowhide holsters and also offer a much nicer finish. Using quality cowhide for your holster ensures years of service. You’ll want to make sure you care for it properly to extend its useful life.


One of the benefits of purchasing a cowhide holster is its durability. While horsehide is not as soft as cowhide, it is denser and resists moisture well. Because of this, it makes for an ideal concealment holster. This leather is perfect for outdoor use and is highly resistant to regular contact with moisture. A cowhide holster will provide years of use without deterioration or breakdown.

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