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How to Decorate Your Home with Native American Style Decor

When it comes to home decor, the Native American style presents the opportunity to celebrate culture and create a unique look that embraces history and artistry. If you’re inspired by the stunning art and history of Native Americans, sprucing up your home with Native American-style decor is a great way to honor their culture while also adding a unique touch to your living environment.

From Southwestern-style rugs, Native American floor rugs, and wall hangings to tasseled leather cushions, there are so many ways to bring rustic and earthy vibes to your home. Plus, with influences from the Pueblo and Navajo culture on one hand and nature-inspired elements on the other, you’ll find that the traditional craftsmanship and motifs from these cultures have a special way of making a statement.

Let’s explore the various design elements and pieces that will bring the essence of Native American culture into your home.

Quick Summary

You can add a Native American feel to your home by incorporating traditional design elements such as wood carvings, pottery, and hides. Additionally, you could fill your home with artifacts and artwork related to the culture to complete the look.

Decorating in Native American Style

Native American Style decor is an incredibly popular trend for both traditional and modern homeowners. With its vibrant colors, mix of materials and textures and symbols that pay homage to the past, it can help you create a beautiful decor statement in your home.

On one hand, incorporating Native American-style decor into space is a great way to bring an earthy sense of history and culture into your home. From rustic furniture with intricate carvings to animal hides adorned with symbols, these pieces are not only imbued with meaning but also have a strong visual presence in any room. In addition, by using items with rich handmade details such as woven textiles or detailed pottery, you can easily add authenticity and interest to your space.

On the other hand, some may argue that Native American style decor runs the risk of appearing contrived or derivative if it’s not done authentically or with respect to tribal cultures. To ensure that this doesn’t happen it’s best to research which items are historically relevant from particular tribes and use them thoughtfully in combination with modern pieces instead of tokenizing singular objects for aesthetic value alone. Similarly, always be sure to honor authentic techniques such as weaving or pottery-making when purchasing items and look for products created by members of recognized tribes who use these practices as a part of their cultural heritage.

When done correctly, Native American style decor can make a unique statement in your home while connecting you to cultures whose customs have been around far before our time. Moving forward, let’s dive deeper into how to identify influences and themes around which you can design your own Native American-inspired interior design.

Identifying Influences & Themes

Identifying Influences & Themes is the cornerstone of decorating in the Native American style. Elements of Navajo, Apache, Sioux, and other tribes can all be integrated when creating the perfect piece. By looking at the motifs and colors embraced by each tribe you can customize your decor to suit your own unique taste and reflect these influences without relying on stereotypes or being too overt.

The most important part to remember is that every tribe is different and every piece should showcase that. Seek out authentic artwork, decorations, and artifacts showcasing a variety of tribes rather than repeating a singular theme over and over. Keeping up with current trends can also help create an updated look if traditional items aren’t what’s perfect for the space.

When it comes to mixing materials and textures think about elements found in nature, such as fur blankets and cowhide rugs, or handmade items like dream catchers are a great place to start for a cohesive design. Weaving together rich colors such as earth tones and milky whites along with metallic accents from metals like silver and turquoise will add depth to any room.

By carefully identifying your influences and themes when you decorate in native american style you can ensure your home looks stunning while respectfully honoring these cultures that have been around for thousands of years. Now it’s time to consider which items best fit those themes in creating a beautiful sanctuary!

  • Traditional Native American design elements often feature geometric shapes, such as squares, circles, and lines.
  • Colorful fabrics and intricate weaving patterns are popular in Native American-inspired home decor.
  • Natural materials like wood, leather, feathers, and blankets are often used in Native American-style decor to create an inviting atmosphere.


When decorating in Native American style, it is important to identify influences and themes which can be integrated without relying on stereotypes. It is best to incorporate authentic artwork and decorations showcasing a variety of tribes and current trends. Mixing materials and textures found in nature, such as fur blankets and dream catchers, with earth tones and metallic accents will add depth to the room. Ultimately, by carefully identifying your influences you can ensure your home looks stunning while respectfully honoring these cultures.

Items to Consider for Decorating

When decorating in a Native American style, it is important to consider the items you will use for your décor. Adorning your home with helpful items that are of personal importance and symbolic significance can really bring out the best of your chosen theme. Moreover, many craftsmen and artisans create works that reflect the history and spirit of Native American culture and are perfect for creating an authentic look.

For instance, dreamcatchers are a popular item often associated with traditional Native American decoration. These beautiful objects help to filter out bad thoughts while letting positive energy pass through their weavings, embodying a sense of personal protection but also a reminder of cultural origins. However, not all dreamcatchers follow traditional designs, which can add layers to their meaning depending on the individual’s tastes. By incorporating modern interpretations of classic designs and objects, anyone can inject a unique feeling into their home design.

Blankets are another effective way to display native cultural roots while providing comfort and warmth. Whether woven by hand or machine-made, choosing blankets with statements from tribes or natural images related to native history can be a great way to elevate the décor of any room. Once hung on the wall or draped on furniture, these pieces always add an extra layer of color or story that warms up any space.

Overall, using decorative items related to Native American culture can provide a captivating representation of this wonderful heritage without having to sacrifice too much in terms of finances or complications. Although there is no one-size-fits-all approach for this style of decoration, careful consideration of motifs, colors, and symbolism associated with this culture will help you create an environment that is meaningful and emotionally fulfilling.

As you move towards crafting the perfect look for your home, be sure to also think about how patterns and motifs used in Native American style decorating can take your design further. These representational forms often act as visual reminders of certain customs and practices that helped shape the tribes they are affiliated with – something people find particularly meaningful when attempting to set up comfortable yet inspiring homes around them.

Use of Patterns & Motifs

To enhance the feeling of being in a native residence, there are many patterns and motifs that could be used to decorate the home. Traditional Native American art often includes motifs like sunbursts, eagles, and dreamcatchers, in forms such as rugs, textiles, wall hangings, and more. For some, traditional symbols that might be simpler in design – like an arrow pointing to the sky or a simple geometric shape – are more appealing options that don’t detract from the ambiance of an otherwise Indigenous-inspired space.

Whichever type of pattern or motif is chosen, it can make a great contribution to the overall interior design of a home. Patterns add unique visual appeal while simultaneously creating a soothing environment through repetition. They also highlight a sense of rootedness within the space; designs inspired by Native American culture remind us of the beauty and wisdom of tribal culture and how it still has much to offer modern society. Furthermore, when picked wisely among other décor items, patterns provide balance and texture between distinct pieces.

With all these aesthetic benefits aside, patterns can also connect with people emotionally. Just be sure to stay away from cultural appropriation and embrace authentic art instead – this will reflect your reverence for Indigenous roots. In any case, each piece should represent the personality of its owner and carry individual meaning.

By taking into account these ornamental elements for decorating one’s home in Native American style, individuals can create an inspiring living space that is both aesthetically pleasing and historically meaningful. Now it’s time to select some furniture and accessories! With thoughtful consideration put forth in selecting these staples (and without overwhelming the space), you can complete your perfect indigenous abode.

Furniture and Accessories

In continuing to decorate your home with Native American style décor, furniture, and accessories are an important part of bringing the whole look together. Furnishing your living space with handmade items crafted out of wood, and decorated with painted geometric motifs is a traditional way to tie in this style seamlessly. Coordinate colors with an eye-catching rug like those woven by Southwestern tribes. For example, the Navajo nation is known for its bright and patterned rugs with central medallions, inspired by traditional turquoise jewelry designs. Look for these touches in furniture styles as well, such as mesas and chairs imprinted with animal shapes. If antiques are more your speed, rather than mass-produced pieces, consider investing in past heirlooms that have been passed down through generations.

When looking for additional accessories to decorate the home, natural items are always a simple choice when creating a Native American atmosphere. Collect rocks or stones from outdoor hikes that could make for unique décor arrangements, or find rattan baskets holding cozy blankets each season to give it an inviting vibe. Sheepskin pillows hailing from Navajo shepherds can be dotted around chairs and sofas too, while dream catchers hung in windows will bring a gentle touch of protection and luck into the home- just like many Native American tribes believe in.

For those comfortable enough to mix styles, start transitioning away from Native American style décor by adding elements like mirrors or artwork inspired by it. That could place a modern twist onto the traditional classic feel or simply start warming up guests to yet another room theme!

Artwork & Mirrors

Moving from furniture and accessories, artwork and mirrors are another great way to incorporate Native American-style decor into your home. If you have paintings that emphasize aspects of Native American culture, like wildlife or landscapes, hang them on an available wall for a subtle addition to the aesthetic of the room.

Mirrors are also a great way to add somewhat of a focal point in a room. Framing a mirror with wood or metal in the shape of arrows, feathers, or other Native American symbols is an eye-catching design that emphasizes the culture’s influence as part of your home’s decor. Additionally, if you decide to use mirrors, make sure that they reflect something that you appreciate in order to put forth positive energy into any space of your home.

transitioned to the next section which will be Building an appreciation for color and texture another crucial step in decorating your home with a Native American-inspired aesthetic. Therefore, choosing colors and fabrics used in the overall design should thoughtfully reflect this desire to evoke the distinct beauty of this milieu.

Colors and Fabrics Used in Decorating

Colors and fabrics are an integral part of decorating with a Native American-inspired style. Colors such as earthy tones, browns, greens, tans, blues, and whites are often used to bring natural elements into the home. Bolder colors like reds, oranges, and yellows are often used to create dramatic accents that draw attention to certain aspects of the design. Fabrics like hides, furs, and suede can be used as soft furnishings that lend a distinctively Native American feel.

The debate over whether bright or muted colors should be used in designing a space tends to lean on personal preference versus traditional Native American designs. Some favor bright colors, which often reflect the warmth and vibrancy of the culture. On the other hand, some people prefer more subdued colors and patterns that evoke a more traditional look. For example, warm and cool sunset tones—ranging from rustic plums to sandy creams—are perfect for those who want to capture the spirit of traditional Indigenous design without using bold statements.

In terms of fabrics, there is both support and opposition for synthetics versus natural fibers. Those who don’t want to source from animal products opt for synthetics such as micro-fibers or faux fur while still evoking the same Native American motifs. However, many purists argue that traditional materials like hide are an essential part of creating an authentic Native-American space that captures the true essence of this culture.

No matter which direction you choose to go in terms of color or fabric selection, it’s important to consider how these elements will interact within your design scheme. Consider not just how one element looks on its own but also how it plays with others. When done correctly, a home decorated in Native American style can take on a life of its own and remind us of centuries-old cultural traditions that continue to inspire us today.

Responses to Common Questions with Explanations

What are some DIY ideas for creating Native-style decor?

DIY ideas for creating a Native American style decor include using natural materials like wood, stone, and leather. Adding artwork featuring traditional symbols such as the totem pole or dream catcher is another great way to add to the ambiance. You can also hang native artifacts, like woven rugs or blankets, on the walls. To create an authentic look in your home, try incorporating rich colors like reds, greens, and blues into your decorating scheme. Adding elements from nature such as branches or twigs can give your space a rustic feel that lasts. Finally, investing in quality handmade pieces crafted in traditional Native American style will surely make any room look stunning!

What type of materials should I use?

When decorating a space with Native American-style decor, it is important to use materials that are authentic to the culture. Authentic materials would include things like feathers, fur rugs, heavily worn leathers, and antique tools and artifacts. Natural elements like driftwood, stones, and branches can also be used to add texture to a room. You may want to incorporate natural dyes such as sage or cactus into your textiles for an even more traditional look. Carvings of animals in wood or stone are also popular choices among those looking to decorate their home with Native American Style Decor. Look for items with symbolic meaning such as arrows, dreamcatchers, and other traditional decorations for added authenticity.

What aspects of decor should I focus on?

When it comes to decorating your home with Native American-style decor, there are several aspects you should focus on. Firstly, consider creating a color palette that reflects the elements and colors found within Native American design. For example, think about using browns, reds, and oranges which can be used to contrast dark woods or emphasize more neutral tones. Additionally, incorporating natural materials is key to creating an authentically inspired space; woven rug hides, fur, feathers, and stones are excellent elements to include in your scheme. Additionally, look for decorative accessories and artwork such as blankets, pottery, and wall hangings that reflect Native American culture and craftsmanship. Finally, don’t forget to add patterns that replicate traditional textures and motifs. An easy way of doing so is by opting for fabrics featuring plaids and stripes which often incorporate earthy tones with geometric shapes. By combining all of these elements you will be well on your way to creating a stunning interior that pays homage to Native American-style decor.

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