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Cow Hide in Witcher 3 – What Vendor Will Give Me Full Price For Cow Hide?

In The Witcher 3, you can get a cowhide by visiting an inn, blacksmith, or armorer. You can also buy shells from merchants who sell fish. After dismantling the shell, you can get black pearls and sell them to other blacksmiths. During the quest, you can also recharge a blacksmith’s shells with meditation.


Cowhide is an important alchemy ingredient. You’ll need it to craft a few different items, such as potions, elixirs, and more. It will also increase your speed and load capacity, so you can make a decent amount of money selling cowhides. But, you need to make sure you save often. If you die in the Witcher 3, you’ll be reset to the last save point.


If you’re wondering where to sell cow hides in Witcher 3, it’s easy to do. Cowhides are fairly valuable, but you can also find them at merchants near the Woesong Bridge marker. These merchants will pay you more than other merchants, but some of them are more willing to pay you than others. Fortunately, you can still sell cow hides for full price to blacksmiths in the game.


Unless you’re looking to make a fortune, selling a cowhide in The Witcher 3 is a legitimate way to get cash. Fortunately, selling cowhide is an easy way to make a decent amount of money, and you can even sell your cowhide for cash in the White Orchard. This exploit was found by WhatsMyGame, who stumbled across it while playing the game.


You might wonder if it’s worth getting a cowhide, but CD Projekt Red hasn’t yet provided any concrete details. After all, the cows respawn after a certain amount of killing. Then you can kill them again and sell the hide for full price to the merchant across the street. You can also use cows to obtain raw meat and cow milk, which regenerate your health.

Monster trophies

When playing The Witcher 3, you might wonder what vendor will give you the full price for cowhide. The answer depends on the rarity of the item, but generally, the price will be much higher than the rest of the game’s trophies. While most items in the game are junk materials, such as cowhide, they still take up inventory space. You can sell these items to a merchant for a lot of Crowns.

Alchemy ingredients

The alchemy system has changed in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Previously, Geralt could brew as many potions, bombs, and oils as he wanted. Now, he can use different ingredients to craft items for his character. You can find different ingredients by collecting them, as well as rare mutagens from enemy corpses. The new system includes an alchemy panel that you can access from your inventory.

Pearl farming

Once you’ve crafted a cowhide and received the payment, you can begin the process of selling it to a vendor. This way, you can earn extra coins while obtaining a valuable item. Cowhides are incredibly rare, but they are still useful for making other items. You can also sell shells to an armorer for additional money. Pearls are especially valuable. A single pearl will cost you eight coins, but you can earn as much as 109 Crowns when you sell it. You can sell them as you like for however long you want, but it is important to remember that sometimes you won’t be able to find them right away, and you may need to meditate or fast-travel to another map to get more.

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