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Coastal Decor When You Are Landlocked

There are several ways to incorporate coastal decor into your home, even if you’re landlocked. Glass decorative lanterns are a great DIY project, and they look wonderful filled with driftwood, sea shells, rope, and sand. Seagrass-inspired twine evokes images of underwater life, so wrap it around a glass cylinder and insert shells. Starfish can be secured with glue or another material.

Nautical maps

If you’re landlocked, consider incorporating nautical maps into your coastal decor. Whether you’ve never set foot on the sea, or simply dream of it, nautical charts add an extra splash of color and charm to your home. These colorful representations of maritime history blend seamlessly with modern and traditional decor. Nautical maps are most effective in rooms with large, open spaces, such as hallways and kids’ bedrooms. Be sure to measure the room before ordering a nautical map.

Beach-themed pillows

If you love the beach but live on land, beach-themed pillows are the perfect solution for your coastal decor. You can find many beautiful pieces from the ocean, including cushions, shams, and throw pillows. These items can be used anywhere in your home, from your living room to your bedroom. You can use them as accent pieces for a coastal theme or to accent your existing decor. Here are some of my favorite options:

Beach-inspired candles

While you may be landlocked and unable to take advantage of all the great coastal decor ideas out there, you can create a feel of the ocean in your home by using beach-inspired candles. You can buy pre-made candle jars that will help you create a beautiful coastal look in your home, but you can also make your own by using a mason jar or a container that contains sea glass.

Beach-inspired slipcovers

If you love the coastal aesthetic, you may be considering adding some beach-inspired slipcovers to your home. The style of coastal furniture and accessories is easy to achieve with a beach-inspired slipcover, which can easily be washed. Coastal decor calls for a relaxed color palette and comfortable textures, such as cotton and linen. Custom-fit slipcovers can be made to fit your furniture pieces perfectly. For an extra rustic look, use canvas and denim, both of which will make your furniture look welcoming. Buying slipcovers made to fit a specific piece of furniture may require a seamstress with an artistic eye, but the results are worth it. Pillows with a nautical motif will add color and a seafaring vibe, while natural rope-like fibers are durable and washable.

Coastal accent colors

Coastal accent colors evoke images of ocean waves and tropical fish, but you don’t have to live by the coast to bring the beach into your home. A rich, saturated blue, such as Valspar’s Turquoise Porcelain (5002-5C), works well as an accent wall or as part of a hallway color scheme. Because the hue is subtle and fresh, it won’t overwhelm a room.

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