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Coastal Decor – Relaxed and Casual

Coastal decor is relaxed and casual. White walls and white elements are great for amplifying airy brightness in a room. The color white will look best in rooms with lots of natural light, so sheer curtains will help. Also, you should allow as much natural light as possible in a room. Here are some tips for adding a coastal feel to a room. Read on for more ideas. In addition to beachy colors, coastal decor should include natural elements like wood and textural materials.

Beachy colors

Blues and greens evoke thoughts of tropical fish and ocean water, and a home with beach-style decor will definitely look great. A soft blue, such as Benjamin Moore’s Nantucket Fog, pairs well with just about any other color. To avoid overwhelming the room, try using a light blue such as Iceberg (2122-50) as an accent wall. A light blue will give any room a summery feel, while a more vibrant shade of blue is a good choice for accent walls or a hallway.

Natural elements

Coastal decor is all about natural elements. Whether they’re real or made to look like them, these pieces can lend a warm, organic feel to your home. You can even make your own glass vase of sand and seashells. You can also use art inspired by the ocean or wallpaper. Plants and area rugs can also add visual interest to a room. And, as you can imagine, the sea is always a beautiful sight!


The color scheme for coastal decor is relaxed and informal. The use of white walls and other white elements amplifies the feeling of space. Natural light is encouraged to shine in rooms, and sheer curtains can help achieve this effect. Choose beach-inspired artwork or ocean-inspired photography to decorate your coastal decor. The texture is important to create a welcoming and relaxed feel. Choose a natural fabric for your coastal decors such as seagrass, sisal, linen, or rattan.


A nautical knot doorstop, a framed natural sea fan, and a chic coastal coffee table book are just some of the ways to add a touch of the coast to your home. Mix and match pieces to create a coastal style that’s easy to switch up. Interior designer Leigh Spicher suggests rethinking textiles in coastal decor. By using a neutral color scheme, you can change the accessories easily.


Whether your style is contemporary or traditional, rattan furniture can give your coastal decor a refreshing boost. While most rattan furniture needs some TLC to look fresh and new, it can be a cost-effective way to update the look of your coastal home. A good place to start experimenting with rattan is a lampshade. Adding details like the cane webbing and the woven fabric can make a big impact on the overall design of your space.


Coastal decorating is a fun way to add natural elements to your home, and you can easily channel beach-like vibes in your home with a little bit of greenery and coastal-style elements. To get started, try swapping out some of your soft furnishings with a few new ones. To get a coastal plant look, Shannon Fricke, co-director of Newrybar Merchants in Byron Bay, NSW, shares styling tips.

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