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Choosing the Right Wood for Your Rustic Furniture Project

Before you begin your project, decide on the wood you will use. Is it pine, Hickory, or Aspen logs? Do you have a favorite place in your backyard where you can gather wood logs? Do you plan on using the logs for the building? All of these factors will determine how long your project will last and how much it costs. Also, be sure to choose pieces of wood that are large and sturdy, as this will ensure that they will last a long time.


Hickory is a hardwood that gives rustic furniture a unique appearance. The wood’s heartwood is reddish-brown, while its sapwood is light yellow. This combination creates a striking contrast that adds to its charm. This wood has varying amounts of heartwood and sapwood on the same board, known as calico. This type of wood is preferred by many for its rich character.

Many hickory furniture pieces were once made in prisons. Prisons in Indiana produced the furniture during the 1930s and 1940s, and dealers often refer to this furniture as “prison hickory.” While prison hickory was not signed, it was easily identifiable in catalogs. Fortunately, the wood’s common form and distinctive characteristics help distinguish pieces from other styles.


If you’re looking for rustic furniture that evokes a rustic look, pine may be the wood for you. Pine is relatively cheap compared to oak furniture, and its lightweight makes moving and transporting it easier. It also works well with hand and machine tools. It can be carved easily and has a uniform grain, making it a good material for painting or staining.

Pine is an excellent choice for furniture because it’s inexpensive, absorbs paint well, and develops a natural patina over time. Pine also holds its shape well and resists swelling and shrinking. Because pine is a softwood, it’s prone to nicks and dents, but it lends itself to country-style furniture. Lighter stains, however, will make bleed-through more likely.

Aspen logs

The soft, light wood of aspen trees makes for beautiful rustic furniture. The aspen tree grows naturally at high altitudes, where it becomes gnarly and bent from snow. The resulting log furniture has a warm and rustic feel, and most of these pieces are backed by a lifetime warranty. Aspen logs are also a renewable resource, so you can rest assured that the quality of your furniture will last for many years.

The best way to maintain aspen log furniture is to keep it clean. When dusting, it’s important to make sure that there’s no moisture left on the wood. Always keep aspen furniture out of sunlight, heat, and chemicals. If you’re building a rustic furniture piece, you might want to use a dehumidifier to reduce the moisture content. Aspen isn’t very flammable, but it can warp and crack.

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