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What To Consider When Choosing An Area Rug

Area rugs have been loosely defined as rugs that cover a small area of a room. That means that these rugs have a specific area in which they cover and they have a limited space in a large room. Some examples of areas that can be covered by area rugs are in front of the television, at the foot of the bed, the living room area and many other areas of the home. These kinds of rugs can also be used for offices and establishments.

Common Materials Of Rugs

Area rugs can be made from a variety of materials. In fact, the materials of area rugs can be any kind of material that is used to make rugs. These materials range from plant fiber, fabric, animal skin, synthetic materials and many others. The more common materials usually used for area rugs are fabric and plant fiber although, the other materials can be seen almost anywhere also.

Nice area rugs add greatly to a room. It will make a space look more inviting and warm, it can greatly enhance the décor of the room and it helps to protect hardwood floors and wall-to-wall carpeting from wear and tear. Area rugs can also be used for children to sit on of even lie on. If these rugs are to be used for children’s rooms or play areas, they are usually brightly colored and have designs on it suitable for children.
Finding the area rug that will make your space look great can be a challenge, however. Below is a description of how to shop for that perfect area rug.

Choosing Area Rugs

There are many considerations when choosing rugs for specific areas. Area rugs are usually chosen based on the area that it will occupy. The color and set up of the room or area needs to be considered when looking for a rug to use. Area rugs usually complement the room color as well as the floors and furniture that are around it. Some materials for area rugs do not fit formal rooms while other materials slip and slide on highly polished floors.

Area rugs to be used for furniture placement need to have heavy duty non-slip backing to prevent the furniture from being easily moved around. Those that are to be used for highly polished floors also need a sort of backing to prevent people from slipping when they step on the rugs.

Decide ahead of time on the shape you need: The shape of the area rug you need for your space is very important. Area rugs come in a variety of shapes besides just the traditional rectangle or square these days. There are ovals, rounds, and many different novelty shapes for kid’s rooms. The shape will be very important in determining how the rug looks in the room. Round area rugs are excellent for smaller rooms. They don’t have corners that can accentuate the room size. A larger room will look best with a rectangular rug that accentuates the furniture in the room. And a very large room or hall will look best with the runner type of area rug.

Measure carefully: It is of vital importance to get the right size rug. You really need to measure both the room size and the area where the rug will go twice, just to make sure your measurements are correct. If the edges of the rug will be under furniture, then you should add about two inches to accommodate this. One way to know for sure how big you want the rug to be is to cover the area that you want the rug to cover with newspaper and then measure around the edges of the newspaper. It would be terrible to get home with your new rug and find out that it is not the right size.

If you do your homework ahead of time and go prepared, choosing the right rug for your space will be simple and you will go home with a rug that you will cherish for years to come. If you do happen to be in the market for a new rug, have a look at any one of our southwestern area rugs.

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