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Changing Woman, Lightning, and Spider-Woman Navajo Rugs

The Changing Woman, Lightning, and Spider-Woman are just three of the many Navajo rugs that bear the name Yeibichai. What do these three women represent? Read on to learn more. And if you are still puzzled, you may want to check out the other Navajo rugs that contain the names of these figures. We’ll also cover the meanings behind each one.

Changing Woman

Often referred to as the Cadillac of Navajo weaving, The Changing Woman on The Two Grey Hills rugs were handcrafted by Navajo weavers. These two masters, Ed Davies and George Bloomfield adopted a wide variety of styles from JB Moore’s patterns and encouraged the use of all-natural colored wool. These rugs are a popular contemporary collectible.

This weaving is the result of a long journey from the nomadic lifestyle of her ancestors. Velma’s grandmother never taught her to weave. She incorporated her own influences into her weaving, creating a modern abstract style. Velma Dawson currently resides in Mesa, Arizona, with her four children. She is a weaver of rugs of the highest quality and is considered one of the finest Navajo rug makers.


“Spider Woman on The Two Grey Hills” Navajo Rugs depict the mystical, mythical woman who created these beautiful rugs. She was so observant of the world around her that she asked the thunder gods to grant her the right to use the patterns. Spider Woman’s weaving began in the early morning hours when she was shown where to find a spider’s web. She was then instructed to place her right hand on the web and never destroy it. This act was a symbolic way for Spider-Woman to impart her gift of weaving into the young weaver’s spirit.

The children of Spider-Woman are also represented on the rugs. They were brought up in a world where Spider-Woman is the most powerful creature in the universe. Children who disobey her are punished in a way that only spiders can do. When children disobey her, she boils their bones until they melt and disappear. Spider Woman’s children are not allowed to go out at night because they could be bitten by the spider.


You can purchase an amazing pair of Two Grey Hills Navajo Rugs for sale at 1stDibs. These stunning pieces are handcrafted with great care, often out of wool or fabric. While a lot of attention goes into creating a unique rug, these two examples of Navajo rugs are some of the most striking pieces in the world. They blend natural colors and have an exquisite texture.

Originally woven by Alice Nez in the 1920s, this 100% wool rug features intricate geometric patterns and the Four Sacred Mountains. The rug is 35″ x 54″ and is a popular contemporary collectible. These beautiful rugs are a great way to support the local Native American community. It is made from the highest quality wool and is handmade by an artisan who knows the local traditions.

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