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  • bathroom rugs

    How To Wash Bathroom Rugs

    Most people understand the importance of keeping the bathroom clean. However, there are some things that can get swept under the rug, so to speak. Bathroom rugs and mats are notorious bastions of bacteria and dirt, and clean bathroom rugs make a big difference. Luckily, if you establish a regular cleaning schedule and process for …

  • How To Keep Rugs In Place On Carpet

    Rugs, such as those available from Southwestern Rugs Depot, are a great way to add a warm and friendly feel to any room. When properly used on wood floors, rugs can really tie a room together and fill space that would feel empty otherwise. However, putting rugs on your floor can introduce a myriad of …

  • beach house rug

    Best Rugs For Decorating Your Beach House

    Buying beach rugs for your coastal beach home can be a lot of fun; embracing the laid-back coastal style with ocean-themed and airy coloured rugs takes inspiration right from the beach. Beach Home Decor Most people enjoy decorating their beach house since there is more freedom to have fun with it. Seaside Colours You can …

  • whiskey river turquoise

    How to Choose Rugs for Living Room

    Often, choosing a rug can be almost an afterthought, after you have already decorated it. However, an area rug can be the main feature if you let it, tying the room together, and setting the base for the decor. One of the biggest advantages of area rugs is that you can have the elegance of …

  • Should You Have Your Area Rugs Professionally Cleaned?

    Area rugs and carpets are a focal point of any house. Just because we walk on them, doesn’t mean it’s not noticeable if they are stained or dirty. Protecting their beauty requires routine cleaning and maintenance. There are several considerations when determining cleaning frequencies for area rugs; like foot traffic, soil levels, the volume of …

  • What Is A Navajo Style Rug?

    Are you drawn to the prominence and artistry of Navajo rugs and want to bring some authentic Navajo culture into your home?  The Navajo rug is a cultural textile made by the tribes in the Southwestern United States and is one of the most popular types of Native American rugs. This rug style is the …

  • A Brief History of Aztec Textiles

    Aztec textiles refers to a style of textile inspired by the Aztec people’s art. The Aztecs were a civilization that lived in Central America during the 14th to 16th centuries. We have written a short history surrounding this fascinating and culturally-important tribe, as well as their art, to help you know the history and inspiration …

  • 3 Things To Consider When Choosing An Area Rug

    A bare floor can be unappealing to the eye and cold on your feet! You can give your home a new look with the help of a beautiful area rug. The right area rug will be a wonderful addition because it will complement your interior design, be comfortable, and be easy to clean. But, how …

  • How To Clean Handwoven Rugs

    Rugs experience a lot of wear; they put up with foot traffic, dirty shoes, spills, and other messes. And, while you want to trust that you will be careful to take care of it, you need a proven method to keep your carpet clean without ruining it. Keep reading to learn how to take proper …

  • The Ultimate Rug Sizing Guide

    Depending on your design objective, you can use a rug to accentuate certain elements in a given space or to be the focal point of said space. To do this properly, however, you need to have the right size rug. Rugs are available in a host of shapes and sizes, which makes the process of …


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