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  • modern kitchen design with island and hanging lights

    Modern Kitchen Design: Features and New Trends in 2022

    Your kitchen can often become the centerpiece of your home. It’s where home-cooked meals are created, stories are shared, and messes are made. Modern living goes hand in hand with modern kitchens and breakfast stations. Feeling comfortable in your kitchen will make you want to use it and host people around your dining table. An …

  • 5 Ways to Be More Creative with Your Dream Bathroom

    Are you completing bathroom renovation and looking to add the finishing touches? Or is your current bathroom space looking a little drab? Do you want to create your dream bathroom area? Livening up your bathroom does not have to take a lot of work, or cause you headaches. With just a few simple changes, your …

  • What Is A Navajo Style Rug?

    Are you drawn to the prominence and artistry of Navajo rugs and want to bring some authentic Navajo culture into your home?  The Navajo rug is a cultural textile made by the tribes in the Southwestern United States and is one of the most popular types of Native American rugs. This rug style is the …

  • The Ultimate Rug Sizing Guide

    Depending on your design objective, you can use a rug to accentuate certain elements in a given space or to be the focal point of said space. To do this properly, however, you need to have the right size rug. Rugs are available in a host of shapes and sizes, which makes the process of …

  • southwestern decor

    Our Favorite Southwestern Decor Accessories Currently

    Southwest Decor Essentials Obviously, we’re big fans of all things southwestern decor here and so we spend a lot of time browsing for southwest decor furniture and accessories.  Here’s a few of our favorite items that we’ve stumbled across recently. We are firm believers that you should always begin your home decorating by finding the …


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