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Burts Bees Wax Melts For Painting Furniture to Get a Rustic Look

The natural finish of Burts beeswax is the perfect way to give your wooden furniture a unique rustic look. It is non-toxic, easy to apply, and has many benefits. Here are some of the advantages of using beeswax on your furniture. Read on to learn more! Also, keep in mind that the wax will melt if the temperature is too high, so it is not recommended for use on high-heating furniture.

Natural finish

When painting furniture, one of the best options for the finish is natural beeswax polish. This natural element is non-toxic and has been around for ages. Beeswax is a common ingredient in furniture polish and has been used to seal wood furniture for centuries. Unlike other man-made wood finishes, beeswax is a natural element.

You can find beeswax at organic stores or online. If you buy organic beeswax, you can be assured of pesticide-free products. You can also purchase beeswax directly from beekeepers. Beeswax is applied to furniture to enhance the finish and to provide a softer look to solid wood. You can also apply it to already-painted furniture.


Beeswax is a wonderful material to use when painting your furniture. You can make your own beeswax polish by heating it over boiling water. Add some mineral oil to it and you’ve got a perfect mixture for refinishing wooden furniture, ornaments, and even metals. You can also use it to grease cooking pots and baking dishes. However, this product is not suitable for use on heavily used furniture because it can melt in high temperatures.

Unlike other types of paints, non-toxic Burts bees wax melting products are safe and effective for painting furniture. They do not contain phthalates, paraffin, or any other potentially harmful chemicals. The wax melts are great for painting furniture, and they’re perfect for creating a rustic look that lasts for years! The wax melts are also good for coating metal tools.

Easy to apply

When applying Burts bees wax melts to painted furniture, you want to avoid thick coats. A thick layer of wax will take longer to cure and buff off. Thinner coats are easier to apply and require less buffing. But, thicker coats will take longer to dry. Applying a thin coat of wax will protect the furniture and give it a rustic look.

Creates rustic look

To give your painted furniture a more rustic look, sand it with a fine-grit sanding block. Apply melted wax to exposed wood beams and nuts to protect them from oxidation. Waxed strings are also a good option for whipping a frayed rope. Use a burlap rag to apply melted wax and tie off loose ends.

While using beeswax on wooden pieces will give the furniture a rustic look, it’s important to remember to apply it often. It’s important to reapply the wax, especially if the furniture is in high heat. Otherwise, the wax will begin to melt. However, this doesn’t need to be a problem for dressers and bedroom tables.

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