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  • native american and navajo pottery

    The History of Native American Pottery

    If you’ve ever admired the fluid curves and intricate designs of Native American textiles and pottery, you might be surprised to learn that these extraordinary pieces do more than just bring beauty to your home. A visit to a Pueblo village in New Mexico quickly reveals that every single piece is much more than just …

  • Whisky River Turquoise Room Scene 4 copy

    How to Choose the Perfect Area Rug Color for Your Home

    Imagine walking into a room and instantly feeling a warm embrace through the perfect combination of colors, textures, and style. The secret to creating that harmonious ambiance lies beneath your feet – it’s all in the art of choosing the perfect area rug color for your home. When selecting a color for your area rug, …

  • southwest pattern pillows

    How to Match Southwest Pillows and Area Rugs for a Perfect Look

    Creating that perfect look in your living space can be quite a challenge. The key to success lies in a cohesive color palette, proper accessories, and careful attention to detail. The primary challenge is to match all the separate pieces while making sure that nothing clashes. So how do you effectively match Southwest-style pillows and …

  • southwest pattern blanket

    Different Patterns and Symbols Used in Southwest Blanket Design

    When you think about the American Southwest, a lot of iconic images come to mind – cacti, mesas, Southwest carpets, and even the blankets found in roadside stands. They might look like classic designs, but these blankets, often featuring stripes, diamonds, and complex symbols, tell the story of Southwest culture and traditions. In this post, …

  • southwest blanket

    The History of Southwestern Blankets

    When it comes to the rich and colorful history of art and design, Southwestern blankets often go overlooked. While they may seem like a modern-day fashion trend, these vibrant and intricate prints have a deep and dynamic history that spans centuries. From their roots in the American Southwest style to their use as both functional …

  • southwest weavings

    The History of Southwest Weavings and Carpets

    From the grand sandstone hills of New Mexico to the cerulean waters of Arizona, there is a stunning beauty that can be found in the Southwest. But within the rugged terrain lies a story told through fabric that dates back centuries. Southwest weavings and carpets are rich with history and culture – an art form …

  • rustic southwest colorful living room

    What Colors Are Typically Used in Southwest Interior Design?

    Have you been dreaming of making your home reminiscent of the Southwestern United States? Don’t worry, you don’t have to moonlight as an aspiring interior designer to create a show-stopping Southwestern oasis, you simply have to pick the right palette of colors! Be sure to check out our Southwest rugs to really see these colors in …

  • southwestern furniture

    A Guide to Southwestern Style Furniture: What It Is and Where to Find It

    Are you looking to add some Southwestern flair to your living space? Southwest-style furniture is a great solution for introducing a bold and vibrant touch of style to your décor! Southwestern furniture has a unique look that draws upon Native American and Spanish influences, combining vibrant colors and tribal patterns with rich, earthy materials. From …

  • aztec style wall art

    How to Choose the Perfect Aztec Wall Art for Your Home

    If you’ve been looking to decorate your home and add something truly unique, Aztec wall art is the perfect choice. These bold, eye-catching works of art will add an extra touch of vibrancy and life to your home, helping it truly stand out. But how do you go about choosing the perfect Aztec wall art …

  • intricate aztec style pattern

    How to Incorporate Aztec Decor Into Your Home Decor for a Unique Look

    Whether you’re looking to add some ethnic flair or an interesting yet subtle twist to your home décor, Aztec-inspired pieces are the perfect way to infuse a little bit of history and culture in your living space. From vibrant wall hangings to artfully patterned wallpaper, incorporating Aztec rugs and decor into your interior design is …


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