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Best Way to Protect Beach House Furniture When Away for Months

Before you leave town, protect your beach house furniture with covers to keep moths and other pests out. Furniture covers can save you from hours of dusting, as well as moth damage. Large covers can be used to cover entire shelving units, and they are more convenient than packing books into plastic bins. You can also purchase a clear vinyl cover to slip over any piece of furniture. Clear vinyl covers are cost-effective and easy to slip on.

Cast aluminum is an excellent outdoor furniture choice

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to protect your beach house furniture. Cast aluminum is extremely lightweight, durable, and rust-free. You can also enjoy a comfortable, serene patio environment with cast aluminum furniture. If you’re away for months, cast aluminum is a great option to protect your beach house furniture while you’re away. Read on to learn about the many benefits of cast aluminum patio furniture.

Cast aluminum is rust and fade-resistant, so it doesn’t need to be protected with any spray paint. However, it should be wiped down with mineral spirits from time to time and occasionally repainted. However, the maintenance required to maintain cast aluminum furniture is much less than that required for other materials. Depending on the type of furniture, you can apply a coat of car wax or polyurethane, but don’t forget to wear a mask!

Covering beach house furniture prevents moth damage

If you’re planning a staycation on a beach house, you may be concerned about moth damage. But you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on an exterminator to avoid the problem. Here are three steps to help you avoid moth damage. First, cover your furniture. If you have a couch, bed, or other soft furnishings, you should consider covering them with an odorless fabric.

You should also vacuum often to remove any excess dirt and debris that could attract pests. Moths love to feed on pet hair, so you should regularly vacuum the space to remove any leftover food. Additionally, you should check heirlooms and other items stored for safekeeping periodically to make sure they are not infested. Keeping the storage area clean will prevent the moths from settling.

Keeping your home odor-free while away

During winter, you might be more inclined to stay home and avoid chores. While closed doors and windows offer warmth, they also cause a musty smell. While cleaning your home can help you get rid of this smell, it’s even better if you remove any food and beverages that have a strong odor. Cold weather also tends to accumulate dirt and dander. To get rid of this problem, clean your house thoroughly and discard leftovers as soon as possible.

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