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Aztec Rugs

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The Aztecs were a civilization that lived in Central America during the 14th to 16th centuries. They are well known for their engineering and archaeological innovations including building their capital city on stilts in a swampy wetland, immense aqueducts and levee systems to control the flow and levels of water surrounding the city, and their massive temples that rival the magnitude of the Egyptian pyramids.  However, they also had a vibrant appreciation and practice of art.  Their art was highly ceremonial, paying homage to their many gods.  They were particularly interested in creating various ornate sculptures, but they would also paint their entire bodies for their many religious ceremonies.  They placed a specific importance on each color.  Every color represented the raw material state you might find that color in.  For instance, brown represented the Earth, red represented blood, blue represented the sky, etc.  Unfortunately, much of the Aztec people’s buildings and culture has been lost to time but, many of their pieces of art still exist in museums today.  So luckily, we’ve been able to draw on their influence to shape the rug designs below.  We can use the designs in their monuments and sculptures to inspire our patterns and their color palettes to inspire our own.  Obviously, the Aztecs are not around designing rugs today, but we hope we’ve at least somewhat captured a bit of their style.  Their art has, without a doubt, a huge impact on southwestern style today.

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