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Why The Aztecs Were A Fascinating Civilization

The Aztecs were a controversial tribe of ancient men and women. In comparison to other ethnic groups, the Aztec empire has been seen greatly progressed and also well-off for their early time. Aztecs have also held an intricate government system that was virtually non-existent in various other tribes. To see how they still have influence today, take a look at an Aztec rug from us.

The Aztec is a society tribe, and they are essentially the fore bearers of people in Mexico in these days. As to their home, they thrived in the location we today call Central Mexico and their most productive periods had been during the 14th and 16th centuries. In these centuries, Aztec empire had around a populace of 15 million people who resided in 500 communities. Yes, they were wealthy, yet fairly threatening.

The Aztec society had protocols. And in the event the regulations had been specified, therefore these Must be followed, if not they’ll end up being sentenced to dreadful tortures in addition to brutal penalties you’ll not like to consider. The Aztecs have very unforgiving punishments. Tlatoani was the title of the Mighty Speaker, the person who identifies the legislation and in-charge of the soldiers and priesthood (even the one who talks to their gods). They were a courtroom where felons had been judged by the Emperor (the judge) as well as a jury of uniquely chosen people, a lot like our judicial system these days.

Once an Aztec committed kidnapping, minor theft and unlawful handling of robbed property, they’re sentenced and traded into slavery. Once they’ve been seen intoxicated, their residence is going to be destroyed and their head shaved as their first consequence, then again, when they make it twice, they’ll end up executed. The Aztecs got many crimes which, by the law abides, were sentenced to death. Crimes including major theft, adultery, shifting a field boundary, treason, commoner showing off cotton clothes, and also cutting down a living tree mandate a death sentence. But among all violations, they consider treason the gravest offense, aside from a death execution, the kids should be put into slavery, the home must be wrecked, and the house should be sold.

Religion plays the large role in the Aztec society. The Aztecs praised numerous gods and goddesses within each component of their life.

The Aztecs were a race of Indians who were rulers over Mexico more than four hundred years ago before the first white men came from Europe. In the beginning, the Aztecs were just a wandering tribe that came down into central Mexico from the north. They were cruel and savage warriors and soon conquered most of the Indian tribes around them. They founded the city of Tenochtitlan, where Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, stands today. From this great city, they ruled many of the Indian peoples of Mexico.

The Aztecs were skilled metal workers and made beautiful ornaments out of gold and silver. In 1520 a small army of Spanish soldiers and explorers, led by Hernando Cortes, arrived in Mexico and defeated the Aztec army after fierce fighting. The Aztec king, Montezuma II, was killed by them, and Mexico became a part of the Spanish Empire with Cortes as governor.

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