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Thanks for stopping by to check out our products. We have many unique western and horse themed rugs.  We are always striving to be able to offer the best new southwestern and western style area rugs at the lowest possible price. We love the American West and the style that comes along with it. We draw a lot of inspiration for the designs and patterns from the natural landscapes of the plains and deserts of the west. We also look to the art, designs, and colors from the many American civilizations that came before us.  Our work is extremely influenced by the old Native American rugs and we hope to showcase the same care attention to detail in our own rugs. We currently over 100 unique designs in up to 9 sizes. All of our western and southwestern area rugs are only made in the USA. We refuse to outsource any aspect of the production. We choose to keep our costs down through lean business practice rather than finding cheap labor overseas. We use dyes to get our vibrant colors and to ensure precise consistency with all our palettes. Also, all of our rugs utilize premium EnduraStran nylon, which means that our products have some of the most durable materials on the market today. All of our products have passed commercial-grade durability ratings, which means they could withstand the abuse of the most high-traffic areas possible (like an airport, for instance). That also means that all of our products are anti-microbrial and frei-resistant. Also, our rugs feature Loc-Bak technology, which means they will lay flat and not get bunched on corners of feature so no one will trip on them.  All of our rugs are made to order, which means that we are not holding onto a large inventory at one time so we can keep our costs down and pass the savings along to our customers. After receiving a new order, the rug goes into production then it goes through a thorough inspection process to make sure that the rug is absolutely perfect.

When deciding on a rug, you have to first determine what size you need.  You should measure the size of the space whether you’re thinking of adding a rug and then find a rug that fills as much of that open space as possible. you can refer to the product pages to get exact measurements of all of our rugs. It’s often best practice to make sure that all of the legs of your furniture are on the rug, but you can get away with just the front if you need to be especially conservative.  You should also think about the shape because we have rectangular, square, circular, and 2x8ft runners.  Rectangular shaped are the most popular, but square can be good for a square room. Circular can be nice for an entryway and runners work well in hallways.

When deciding what rug pattern to go with, first see if there are any that immediately catch your eye. Then look and see if there are different colors to choose from. You want to make sure the palette of the rug goes with the palette of the room where the rug is going to go. You can try to find a pattern that has a shared color as what’s in your room or you can find a rug with complementary colors to the colors in your room.  You can also print out a photo of the rug and hold it up or try visualizing the rug in the space.  You can always reach out to us if you can’t make up your mind and you’d like another opinion.

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