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American Dakota Rugs

American Dakota Rugs

American Dakota

American Dakota is a small rug company from the textile capital of Northwestern Georgia, USA. American Dakota rugs are made in the U.S.A. on American-made machines. They use many different types of dyes to achieve their vibrant colors.  Their color palettes were inspired by the plant and mineral dyes found in the American Southwest.  American Dakota uses yarns made from premium EnduraStran nylon, the same yarn systems found in airport carpet.  The rugs surpass a commercial-grade rating, meaning they can withstand generations and generations of wear and tear.  Check out their rugs below and enjoy the absolute best deals anywhere on all American Dakota area rugs.


Our History With American Dakota Rugs

“I actually got into the rug game by working at American Dakota.  I got an internship there in high school when American Dakota was just getting started.  I worked one-on-one with the CEO as I did web design, graphic design, video marketing, and I even designed a rug.  It was a really awesome experience and I’m glad that I’ve been able to maintain my professional relationship with American Dakota.  They’re a really great smaller company, surrounded by the textile giants of Northwest Georgia.  They do a great job of personifying the southwest style that is so prevalent in their area rugs.  They are also heavily involved in charitable giving, especially concerning the well-being and protection of the Native American people and their sacred lands.  I feel honored to be able to carry their products because they are a company that holds so true to their values and honors the artists and designers that influenced their work.

American Dakota also will collaborate with other designers and artists.  For instance, their rugs Rectangle, Red & Black, Moon Mask, and Raven were all part of a collaboration with wood sculpting artist Rande Cook.” – Connor Butterworth, Southwestern Rugs Depot, Owner

American Dakota rugs are made from high-quality nylon.  Nylon is becoming more and more popular for rugs made in the US.  That is because nylon is extremely durable.  It is also great at preventing stains and hiding dirt.  Nylon is also mildew and flame-resistance.  To learn more about nylon, go here.  To learn more about our company and to see more rugs, check out our homepage for more southwestern area rugs.


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