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Square Southwestern Area Rugs

You can create a beautiful dining room with a stunning floor rug under your dining room table. It will add to your decor and add a pop of color to your space. Shop now! Free delivery is available!

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Our square rugs come in a wide selection of patterns, colors, and styles. Browse our collection to find an area rug to match your style. Delivery is free!
Tangelo Rave Design Rug

Quality Always Comes First

When shopping for a new rug for your home, you need one that will last. Choose Southwestern Rugs Depot for your decor. Most items are made with premium EnduraStran Nylon, a durable material that is anti-microbial and fire-resistant. EnduraStran Nylon is awesome because—despite its durability—it still has a soft, smooth texture.
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Our company is proud to manufacture and sell our rugs in the United States of America.
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Our professional and manufacturing teams are treated well and compensated fairly for their work.
Since established, we have not contributed waste to any landfill; all of our materials have been recycled.

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Southwestern Area Rugs - 8x8 area rug

Style Your Space With A Square Southwestern Rug

Step up your interior design with a cozy, nature-inspired southwestern rug. You can use it as a centerpiece for your furniture. Our mats can also be used to form a warm, cozy ambiance in the bedroom. A round carpet for your kitchen? A Persian wool runner rug for your home decor? The design ideas are endless! Shop now. Delivery is free!

Decorate Your Outdoor Area

A southwestern-style area rug will look stunning tucked underneath your patio furniture. The earthy colors and nature-inspired designs will connect your outdoor area to the landscape beyond. It will be the perfect way to enjoy both the luxuries of the indoors and the beauty of the outdoors.

Our rugs pair with your current interior design accessories - whether that be geometric, abstract, modern, contemporary, tribal, traditional, distressed / faded, vintage, a muted or bold pattern. Whether you need a thick, fluffy, plush, shag rug or a beige, thin, plain textured design that is easy to clean, a cream, striped, Moroccan jute rug with stain resistance - you can find a carpet that will fit right perfectly.
whiskey river turquoise rug
red aztec area rug

Size Guide

In a living room, your rug should serve as a centerpiece. That is why it should tuck neatly under the edge of your furniture. You can ensure that the size is right by placing the front two legs of your couch and chairs on the rug. In a dining room, the furniture should rest on the rug. Before you buy, make sure to measure the area to get the correct dimensions. We have a large selection of sizes available online.
espuela turquoise rug

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